Today is my dear friend Sarah’s birthday (of the tumblr Life on Best.)

The birthday girl and her mom have been collecting copious amounts of awesome vintage jewelry for about 2 years now (TWO YEARS PEOPLE) and she’s recently opened up a little Etsy shop called South Holston Vintage— named after the river in Tennessee that she grew up on— to share some of the love. (My current favorites are the giraffe brooch and the leaf earrings.)

I’ve been doing the photos for her site and ya’ll… this stuff is awesome. And who knew there was such a rich and interesting history behind the jewelry? It’s a whole new world… and there are about 900 more pieces we have to take photos of. Sheesh. 

Check out South Holston Vintage, spread the word, and wish my girl Sarah a happy birthday. Also, later today I’m going to be posting one of the pieces to give away in a little contest of sorts. So keep a look out for that because it is awesome and I’m probably going to find a way that I can win it myself. (JK but seriously… it’s awesome.) 

Special bonus to Athens folks: no shipping charge! Sarah will bring her cute self to you and hand deliver your awesome new piece.