February 14th, 2012

UPDATE: Winner is Emma of http://deep-citylights.tumblr.com/  Message me your address and I’ll send these lovelies to you! 

My friend Sarah over at South Holston Vintage gave me these beautiful pink vintage lucite flower earrings (whoa that’s more adjectives than a drink at Starbucks) to give away on this Holiday of Love! 

Just leave a comment or reply with your best/worst/funniest Valentine’s memory to enter! A sentence or two will do, or if you’re shy, just leave your name or “Like” this post. I’ll do the honors first. 

I worked at Coldstone Creamery in high school. Dessert places around town held a certain hierarchy— the cool kids worked at Twistee Treat, followed closely by TCBY and Planet Smoothie and Coldstone was somewhere near the bottom.  People did not often trek over to Coldstone to hang out like they usually did at the other places. So imagine my surprise when Chris, the boy I was in Serious High School Love with walked in the store when I was working on Valentine’s Day (because of course I was.) 

I’m not sure actual sentences were formed when I spoke to him because I was in utter shock as to what was happening. He stayed and talked for about 15 minutes and then asked for the keys to my car. 

Serious High School Love makes you do stupid things, like giving a complete stranger (basically) your car keys. 

After my shift, I walked out to the car to find a long-stem rose on the dashboard. CUTE RIGHT. My life was basically a scene out of One Tree Hill. I was finally Peyton. Or Brooke. Or Hayley. Whichever one finally gets the boy. (Isn’t that show still on? I wonder what happened to them and if they’re still pretending to be in high school.) Either way, I felt like I was in a scene from a show on the WB. (THE WB! OH MAN. Glory days.) 

I spent the next month of so after the Rose Incident avoiding him because I was so awkward and didn’t know how to talk to boys. He even came to a few of my basketball games and we never spoke again. This ultimately ended with him taking another girl from the basketball team to prom.  

High School, man. Good times. 

Alright. Share away! Win these earrings! Happy Valentine’s Day errrrbody! If you’re a guy, win these for you girl! Or, you know, whatever, if you want to wear them that’s fine too. 

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  3. deep-citylights said: Last Valentines Day (which was my Senior year of High School) a guy who was a friend of some of my friends bought 2 dozen roses, and walked around school giving them to girls “to make them smile”. Being recently single, it was a needed pick me up.
  4. katherine said: Worst Valentine’s Day is a toss up between my first as a couple with my now-husband (HS wrestling match running until 10 pm) and my first as a newlywed (stomach bug in Uganda; husband read me Harry Potter as I lounged and moaned).
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