November 30th, 2012

I made this print and put it on some cards for Thank You Notes a while back— everyone I sent them to loved them and some even wondered if I had the print in a larger format or poster-sized! Always a nice feeling! (oh stop stop you’re making my blush…)

In my flattered laziness, it’s taken me until now to get something up online, but you can now buy the Glory Glory print (in gray or black) for $18, printed at 11x17 on heavyweight archival matte paper. Plus, 15% off today with the code: 12DAILYDEAL3 

Perfect for a Christmas gift or recent/almost UGA grad or newly admitted pup! I have some other posters collecting dust on my harddrive that I might be uploading in the future, so stay tuned and… Go Dawgs.  

The Glory Glory Print is perfect for the home of any Bulldog fan. Simple enough to blend with most home designs, but bold enough to let everyone know who you’re cheering for on Saturday. Glory Glory and Let’s Go Dawgs!

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