April 5th, 2011

My Life as a Romantic Comedy, Minus the Romance: Part Three: You Can’t Win Them All

(If you’re just joining us, read Part One and Part Two. Or don’t. This is the best part anyway.)

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I did, indeed, enjoy myself at the wedding and my heart was very full as I got to see my Sweet Friend get married to a wonderful man in a beautiful, Christ-centered ceremony.  But. Being a Single Lady is tough.

Sure, it’s fun to be solo at times… like when Beyonce’s pop anthem comes on the radio (at least for the first 20 seconds before you realize that B is in fact married to Jay-Z and therefore her mantra is invalid) but a wedding is just not one of those times— especially not at a wedding where, quite seriously, everyone is married. 

OK. So maybe that’s a little cynical of me: there were quite a few children and teenagers amongst the crowd.

Never before has the sting of being a singleton hit me more ferociously than during the bouquet toss.  At first, I was hesitant to join in on this tradition of tossing the flowers to a screaming horde of male-deprived females, but when one of the bridesmaids approached me I knew I couldn’t back down.

“The bride has requested your presence for the bouquet toss,” she said as she grabbed my arm with a genuine smile and started to pull me towards the dance floor.

“Haha, why? Aren’t there any other single girls here except me?” My retort was mostly a sincere question, coated in fearful sarcasm and dunked in a vat of self-doubt and self-consciousness.

“A few!” Her answer was not promising.

“Are any of them older than 8?”

They were maybe 8.  And I didn’t even catch it.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes you’re the only single lady at the party. And even that’s OK.  I might not have had my Romantic Comedy Weekend, but the wedding served as a good reminder that the Lord is faithful and sometimes… you just have to wait.

  1. kgarv said: i loved everything about this saga and i hope you tell more stories soon.
  2. untameflame said: i love you so much i can’t stand it. you always have me laughing out loud or feeling something. you are preshhhie.
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