April 17th, 2013

The other night, some friends and I checked out a new place in Athens called The World Famous. I have a major sweet tooth when it comes to drinks (they don’t call me Dirty Shirley for nothing.) Because of that, this place has now become what I will colloquially refer to as “My Jam.” 

I’ve decided I’m going to try everything on the menu before I repeat, and that includes the yummy hand-dipped corndogs and fried okra etc etc getinmybelly. (I see you, fried chicken and waffles. I see you.) So far I’ve tried the Flash Gordon (made with Cheerwine!) and the Charlie Brown, which is similar to this drink that Garden & Gun wrote about recently, which is made with Coke and Peanuts. 

Never was there a more Georgian drink! Coke! Peanuts! World Famousness! They serve everything out of mason jars! I’m dying! My Jam! 

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