The other night, some friends and I checked out a new place in Athens called The World Famous. I have a major sweet tooth when it comes to drinks (they don’t call me Dirty Shirley for nothing.) Because of that, this place has now become what I will colloquially refer to as “My Jam.” 

I’ve decided I’m going to try everything on the menu before I repeat, and that includes the yummy hand-dipped corndogs and fried okra etc etc getinmybelly. (I see you, fried chicken and waffles. I see you.) So far I’ve tried the Flash Gordon (made with Cheerwine!) and the Charlie Brown, which is similar to this drink that Garden & Gun wrote about recently, which is made with Coke and Peanuts. 

Never was there a more Georgian drink! Coke! Peanuts! World Famousness! They serve everything out of mason jars! I’m dying! My Jam! 

Katie and Andrew got married and it was awesome and beautiful and glorious and hot and I am so thankful for these blonde-headed friends of mine. :) 

This Is Bad News, People

I just learned that the Jittery Joe’s Roaster and Tasting Room downtown is going to have to relocate because a Wal-Mart and other chain stores want to build on that land. This is the best smelling and tasting place in the city to study or grab a cup of coffee! Also.. it’s beautiful and old and awesome… my 3 favorite adjectives. Also… a great place to take photos! The coffee! The graffiti! The coffee! The wooden floors! The coffee! 

From Jittery Joe’s Facebook: Unfortunately, the rumors are true… The Jittery Joe’s Roaster and Tasting Room will be leaving its current downtown location early next year. We are saddened by the decision our community leaders have made to remove, rather than restore and preserve the character and potential green space of that area in favor of yet another Wal-Mart and other chains. Downtown Athens is a rich, vibrant, charming area of our county and we want to keep it as such. While we agree that revitalizing and growing to meet the needs of the area is important, to sacrifice small businesses in favor of more apartments and chain stores is the wrong move. 

We encourage you to contact your commissioners and voice your opinion! As always, thank you for your support!

Looks like the owner of the land decided to sell to a developer. Anyone know what we could do to help stop this from happening? 

EDIT: Sign the petition here! (Thanks Kgarv

We are not against development of the Armstrong-Dobbs tract. In fact, we celebrate development for the opportunities it might bring our community to grow. 

However, we are against the placement of a 90,000 sq. ft. Wal-Mart within the Armstrong-Dobbs development as an “anchor store.” 

Please sign this petition to voice your support for an alternative vision of Athens’ future. We protect our small businesses. We love our unique culture. We are People for a Better Athens. 

The NEEDTOBREATHE concert was very much worth the amount of sleepiness I have going on today. (Nothing a good 4 cups of coffee can’t cure.)

I love looking at other Tumblr photos from the concert, trying to figure out how close we were standing and didn’t know it.  TUMBLREALITY. 

September Days - Modern Skirts

Always the first song I want to play in my car with the windows down once Autumn arrives in Athens.

Whew. Friday? When did it become Friday?

It’s good to be busy but… MAN. When even Friday can sneak up on you… you need to chill out. Sheesh. I’ve been busy. Here’s a sneak peek of some new things to come… 

I know this looks like a fried chicken sandwich with buttermilk waffles for bread. But that’s only because it is a fried chicken sandwich with buttermilk waffles for bread. 

The state of Georgia is somewhat famous for the ol’ Chicken and Waffles entre because of Gladys Knight’s restaurant in Atlanta… but now that Athens has their very own version I of course had to try it. 

Unfortunately… this new restaurant happens to be in my building. It also happen to be delicious. Ehhh. Double trouble. 


(Oh, and the restaurant is called The Local Jam.)