I live in a very cool part of Athens called Normaltown, which I realize is a very silly and misleading name based on the information I just divulged about it being awesome. Normaltown is an amalgamation of all the best parts of the city: restaurants and architecture and music and history and industry and education and townies on bicycles. Sometimes when I’m sitting in my bed before 11PM in my sweatpants, listening to Katy Perry’s Roar on repeat… I think to myself "Wow I am so not cool enough to live here!" But then, before I know it… I am awoken by my neighbors’ free range chickens and I think… maybe it’s just a place where weird people live and so I fit right in. 

"Normal"town, I love you.

Because I am no good at going to the gym and don’t want to become a sedentary potato… I’ve started walking to work. In the midst of this new routine, I’ve discovered more and more lovely things about this neighborhood (see pictures above for visual evidence.) And of course, my walks wouldn’t be complete without a good playlist. 

I call this Friday Mixtape… The City Walkin’ And City Lovin’ Mix. Enjoy. 

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Y’all. You all. YALLLLLL. For real. Listen to me. 

My friend Karla is amazing and you should drop whatever you’re doing RIGHT NOW and go look at her stuff. Then buy her stuff. Then think in your mind how beautiful this will look in your house and wonder what it must be like to know Karla Pruitt. (It’s amazing.) 

Seriously, I am in love with these prints. I feel so honored to have gotten to take her portrait for her new site and I cannot WAIT to have these bad boys hanging on my walls. 

The Georgia On My Mind one just slays me. 

</end dramatic prose. just finished hanging out with teenagers. it rubs off on you, I tell ya.>

My pal Alyssa and her pal Natasha set out to give a guide to Athens for Design Sponge and oh, is it pretty. Pretty to look at thanks to the designs of Sarah Lawrence and pretty to read because all of the places and things they chose are such lovely places and things. 

Come visit! Come stay! Move here! Whatever it takes! I love my little city! 


I recently worked with two lovely ladies from Athens to make a city guide for Designsponge.com, a modern ladies’ design mecca. Natasha and Alyssa compiled a list of their favorite places here and I pulled my favorites from the list to make a map of the downtown area. This is the third map I’ve done for Athens, and I love these! 

Monday Love - Normaltown 

I’m a big fan of projects. My Myers-Briggs test indicated I am bad at follow-through, so giving tasks the title of “Project!” really helps get me motivated to stick with something. Probably some left over fear from grade school about not getting A’s or getting into college, but I digress. 

The new project I’m tackling is really two-fold. First, I just moved to a new neighborhood and am constantly discovering new things about the city of Athens because of said-move.  What I’m talking about here, people, is food (if I’m being honest.) I’ve lived in this city for 7 (holy guacamole) years and the fact that there are still things to discover is one of my favorite things about this little Slice-o-Heaven. So, I’m starting, along with some of my friends, to do a Normaltown Food Discovery Adventure.  If you live in Athens or have been here for a visit, I’m hoping to enlighten you on some hidden gems off the beaten path. 

The second part of the project involves t-shirts and you (and your friends.) I’m just going to leave that tantalizing little nugget out there until more of the details come together… so stay tuned. 

Normaltown Food Discovery Adventure, commence! 

The Forgotten Photos //

Hydrangea Partay. March. Athens.

Last night we had Lessons & Carols at Redeemer— one of my favorite things of the season. 

Last year at L&C, a dear friend of mine sang the most beautiful version of Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus.  I think about that song all time now. (We miss you J! Hope Prague is rockin’!) The Redeemer Musicians sang it again last night— equally as beautiful and I’m sure I’ll think about it all year again like I did with Jessica’s version. 

Such a powerful song for the season… 

Come Thou long-expected Jesus

Born to set Thy people free;

From our fears and sins release us

Let us find our rest in Thee.

I am so ready for it to be colder… but I am not complaining about how beautiful Athens still is with its leaves…