My family is pretty hardcore. 

There’s no lounging by the pool or catching a show on a C-family vacay. There is no sleeping in, no whining, and no mercy. There are mountains to climb and rocks to scale and lakes to skip stones in. There is fun to be had! 

Unfortunately, the only preparation I did for this epic of adventures was to sprint through the Atlanta airport and try to make my connection flight in under 6 minutes (which, if I do say so myself is QUITE impressive.)

My flight from Greenville taxied at 7:14 and my flight to Denver was leaving at 7:20. 

I have never felt so alive. 

Upon dramatically traversing the entirety of the A-terminal (gate 2 to gate 28), I felt like I won the gold medal in Badass-Sprinting Through The World’s Busiest Airport Whilst Navigating A Hellacious Mine-Field of Rolly Suitcases and Lost Tourists. I couldn’t be stopped, I was the best. Why yes, I would like some biscoff cookies. And a water. Maybe 2 waters. Actually make that 3, and can I get a sweat towel? 

Needless to say, the mountains, the lakes, the adventuring with the family… all breathtaking. Both in beauty and in lack of fitness. 

I am headed out today to the great red rocks of Colorado to visit my family in Denver (this photo was taken during my last visit… mmm. Beauty.) Amid the insane wildfires and last night’s senseless shooting… Colorado has seen a lot of heartache lately. I am excited to be back but also really sad… 

In any case, I’ll be keeping you posted on our adventures and I’ll “see” you in a week! 

My sister lives out in Denver so I’ve been watching the news pretty steadily about these horrible wild fires they have in Colorado right now. It’s pure craziness out there.  

This is from the Denver Post Tumblr: 

As of 9 a.m. Tuesday, June 26, 2012, the High Park fire near Fort Collins has burned 83,205 acres and 248 homes, and is 45% contained; the Weber fire has burned 8,300 acres and is 0% contained; the Waldo Canyon fire has consumed 5,168 acres and is 5% contained; and the Last Chance fire, now 100% contained, burned 38,400 acres and destroyed 11 structures in one day. Other fires are burning in Colorado including the State Line fire and the Little Sand fire.

In looking for ways to help from Georgia, I looked up this list of the best places to direct help and donations. I also found Wild Fire Tees, where 100% of the proceeds go to help Colorado Wild Fire Victims. (Another little slice of the design world helping out a greater cause, and I’m all about that!)

Most importantly, pray. Pray that these fires would cease and that God would send some rain to Colorado.