If you are what you eat, I am most certainly 75% Ike and Jane’s. 

Best/Worst News of The Day: 

Ike & Jane is now open in downtown Athens a short walk from my office and UGA campus. Say goodbye to money and hello to eating donuts all day, errrday. Also… turkey/avocado/gouda sack lunch: YUM. 

10% off today for doing the Twist whilst you order. I mean, really. I love this place. 

I am in an “it’s complicated” relationship with breakfast.

I love it so much.

So much so that whenever I order something that is not breakfast from a place that has good breakfast, it causes me great internal conflict.

But they have Donuts! How can you possibly choose this Roasted Vegetable Sandwich! ARGH Roasted Vegetable Sandwich is so good! I AM SORRY DONUTS! IF I GET COFFEE DOES THAT MAKE IT BETTER?!