The Forgotten Photos

Eating well at Marche’s & Silly Goose. Nashville. November. 

Back in September, my friends and I headed to the mountains of Tennessee for our annual trip to Sarah's family farm. The weekend always includes great food, skeet shooting, boot wearing, lounging by the river, and a little tossing of the pigskin. 

The photos I took that weekend found themselves in the hands of the folks over at Volunteer Traditions, a company out of Nashville that makes beautiful state-pride apparel like LEL’s hat in that top shot. They liked my pictures and loved the fact that were real-life shots and wanted to use them in their new campaign. They also loved LEL, and interviewed her for their new Heritage Line.

"I think that’s the definition of Southern pride: Knowing your heritage and where you are from, but also being open to meeting new folks where you are going…"

Proud of you, LEL. You’re a beauty. 

PS. VolTrad: if you have the urge to send me a Georgia hat, go with your gut. 

Today’s Song: Nashville - David Mead 

In honor of the Dawgs playing Vandy this weekend! (Also, the NoiseTrade Fall Sampler is legit. Download it here