August 24th, 2012

I started making the Friday Mixtapes a few months ago as a way to catalogue my weekly music findings. I spend a lot of my day perched in front of the computer working on designs/editing photos whilst listening to a constant stream of music, so to be able to drop the new stuff I liked into a folder was really helpful for me.  I am also a huge music journalism nerd and the stuff people are putting out right now is so exciting and innovative (also ubiquitous) that these mixtape collections were the only thing that made sense to try to keep up! 

I hope you’re enjoying them and taking the time to investigate further into the stuff you like! I know I’m definitely keeping my eye on when Matthew And The Atlas comes to Athens… 

Happy Friday and Happy Listening!

PS. I know some of you have said you don’t have Spotify/don’t want to get it for various reasons, so you can’t listen to the mixtapes. If anyone has any alternative free + legal suggestions, I’m open to new ideas! (I’ve tried 8-Track…but it’s very confusing to me so I gave up. Ha.) 

m o r g a n g s t e r

a twenty-something breakfast enthusiast just trying to find my way in this crazy world. a designer by trade, a photographer by passion, a believer by grace.
Athens, Georgia